As the coaching, consulting, and church planting ministry of Greg Gibson, Leadership Table exists to help pastors become better leaders.

In doing so, we provide three different ways to serve you:


This is a one-on-one relationship with Greg for 12-months, 6-months, or single sessions as he walks with you in a coaching relationship as you lead your organization. Everyone needs a coach, because even the best players have blindspots. FOR MORE


If coaching is one-on-one, then consulting is one-on-many. Consulting gives a fresh perspective into your church and/or organization to help you move the ball down the field to accomplish your goals and wins. This is a 3-day visit on-site with you and your team. FOR MORE

Church Planting:

This process would include a heavy one-on-one relationship with Greg as he jumps into the church planting process with you from the very beginning of thinking through how to create a prospectus all the way to your official launch. FOR MORE